Alicia Sora
Kanji アリシア
Romanji Sora Alicia
Gender Female
Eyes Purple
Hair Pink
Personal Status
Race Element/Human (Vegan)
Age (Deceased)
Relatives Izumo Kamurogi (Husband)
Amata Sora (Son)
Kagura Demuri (Son)
Professional Status
Affiliation Altair
Occupation Actress/Singer
First Appearance
Anime Debut Aquarion EVOL Episode 5
Japanese Voice Rie Tanaka
English Voice Stephanie Young

Alicia Sora is the wife of Izumo Kamurogi and is the mother of both Amata Sora and Kagura Demuri.


She has a long pink hair and purplish eyes. She has only been shown wearing a beautiful dress, due to the fact that she was "abducted" in such a dress.


it is still unknown.


Alicia was an actor in the movie "Skies of Aquaria", which Amata was watching in the theater and the reason Amata and Mikono met in the theater. Alicia is the mother of Amata Sora. She flew off beyond her destiny as Amata said to Mikono when they were talking beside the film projector. It was later said that she was the first Rare Igura brought to Altair by Izumo and Mykage. She was believed to be the "True Eve", but falls into a death-like sleep after passing through the dimensional gate. Since then her body is preserved in a stasis chamber guarded by Izumo. Jin also idolizes her and has an holographic picture of her saved onto his personal device.


Being abducted by the people of Altair, it means that she must have been an Element also, though her power is unknown currently.


Amata Sora

Amata is Alicia's only son, before being transported to the another world, Altair. Amata thinks she abandoned him because of his element powers, but it was revealed she abandoned him because she wanted to help Izumo.

Izumo Kamurogi

Izumo Kamurogi met Alicia when she was aducted. Izumo had to put Alicia in a chamber so they could transport her to Altair. But the chamber had been damaged during the way back and Alicia has been in a death-like sleep since then. It was revealed that Izumo and Alicia loved each other and became lovers.

Kagura Demuri

It was revealed in episode 21 that Kagura is also Alicia's son, as he is a part of Amata's soul. This is due to Mykage's interference.


She is the only known Rare Igura that is brought to Altair.

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