EVOL 20v2

Air Date May 13, 2012
Episode 20
Opening Song Paradoxical ZOO
Ending Song Yunoha no Mori
Episode Guide
Episode 19
Episode 21

MI-XY is the twentieth episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on May 13 2012.


Amata discovers the dormant body of his mother and is approached by Izumo who reveals to him the nature of the Curse of Eve that afflicts Altair. Meanwhile, Andy breaks free from his imprisonment and keeps searching for Mix. Zessica and Yunoha start feeling strange and Shrade forms Aquarion Spada with them to pick up Andy and Amata. While struggling to escape from the Altean forces, the elements confront an enemy machine piloted by none other than Mix herself, who claims though that she's "Mixy".

Characters in Order of Appearance

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