"Show it! You at Your Lowest" (曝せ! 最低の自分 Sarase! Saitei no jibun?) is the thirteenth episode of the Aquarion LOGOS anime. It aired on October 1, 2015.


With Sougon presumed to be dead with his sudden disappearance (which also includes Subete's disappearance), NESTA as a company fell and the Logos World became free from harm. A month after the fated battle, NESTA finally reinstates itself with a new leader of no presumed danger. But what puzzles the Verbalism Club is the arrival of a new chaotic text...which is not chaotic at all. Almost mimicking the shape of a human, it has entered the real world and keeps "staring" at Sakurako, similar to a newborn who thinks its mother is the first woman it sees. What is this chaotic text it truly peaceful!?



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