Donar Dantes
[[File:Donar Dantes|300px|]]
Kanji ドナール・ダンテス
Romanji Donāru Dantesu
Gender Male
Eyes green-yellow
Hair Brown
Unusual Features cyborg mouth, multi-purpose mechanical fore-arms
Personal Status
Race Element/Human
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Neo-DEAVA
Previous Occupation Aquarion Pilot
First Appearance
Anime Debut Aquarion Evol Episode 1
Japanese Voice Junichi Suwabe
English Voice Justin Cook

A veteran soldier and chief of Neo-DEAVA's male academy. He uses a pair of prosthetic arms to replace those he lost on a disastrous incident when he piloted Aquarion on its first sortie against the Abductors 8 years before. Since he lost his arms he can replace it with a hook or even weapons as seen in Ep. 12. This also resulted in the disappearance of the other two pilots (including his girlfriend). He is a sharpshooter and is capable of using a small blowgun at a distance with ease and precision as shown when he is watching over Amata from afar during the test at Neo-Kowloon. He and Suomi feels like their is something important that would happen since Crea and Zen suddenly returned to the Academy.


Donar has dark-brown hair and green-yellow eyes. due to the incident 8 years previously, donar lost his arms, with them being replaced with mechanical arms. The arms can serve for multiple purposes, as long as he equips them in the right way. Interestingly enough, his mouth has also become mechanical, even though it was not affected when his arms were lost.

As an infantry man, he is always wearing a military-like dark-green uniform.



Young Donar

Young Donar with his lover.





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