Genesis of Aquarion Original Soundtrack Ⅱ
Aquarion Original Soundtrack 2
Yoko Kanno
Released August 24, 2011
Length 01:14:35
Produced by Yoko Kanno
Sousei no Aquarion Original Soundtrack 2, also known as the Genesis of Aquarion Original Soundtrack Ⅱ, is the official soundtrack of the Genesis of Aquarion series. It contains 19 songs which are all featured in the anime. The artists featured in the album are Yoko Kanno, AKINO from bless4, dorota lachowrics, Hiromi Sato, and Gabriela Robin, a pseudonym Yoko Kanno uses to write songs mixing English and Japanese freely.

Track List

  1. Go Tight! (preformed by AKINO)
  2. CyberFolk Music
  3. Dribble Dribble
  4. Vactican Dance
  5. Shinwateki Giko Sonata
  6. Baron to Taiyou
  7. Celiane (preformed by Gabriela Robin)
  8. Diet Waltz
  9. Psychedelic Academy
  10. Nike 15sai (performed by AKINO)
  11. Heaven's Gate
  12. Exodus
  14. Toma no Shintaku (performed by dorota lachowrics)
  15. Seikan Renrakusen
  16. Vector Return
  17. Genesis of Aquarion - A Capella (performed by AKINO)
  18. First Love Final Love
  19. Rena to Tanpopo (performed by Hiromi Sato)


  • "Go Tight!" is the second opening of Aquarion.
  • "Dribble Dribble" is Pierre's theme from the anime.
  • "Baron to Taiyou" is Baron's theme from the anime.
  • "Celiane" is Celiane's theme from the anime.
  • "Toma no Shintaku" is Toma's theme from the anime.
  • "Rena to Tanpopo" is Rena's theme from the anime.