Izumo Kamurogi
Izumo Kamurogi
Kanji イズモ・カムロギ
Romanji Izumo Kamurogi
Gender Male
Eyes Blue
Hair Grey
Personal Status
Race Human
Status Deceased
Relatives Alicia (Wife)
Amata Sora (Son)
Kagura Demuri (Son)
Professional Status
Affiliation Altair
Occupation Commander
Base of Operations Ianthe
First Appearance
Anime Debut Aquarion Evol Episode 1
Japanese Voice Hiroki Yasumoto
English Voice Mike McFarland

Izumo Kamurogi (イズモ・カムロギ Izumo Kamurogi?) is the commander of the Altair forces.


He is a middle-aged man with medium-long grey hair. His eyes are blue and they glow when he activates his powers, as seen when he countered Mykage's phychic powers.


Although he usually presents a calm demeanor, when it comes to Alicia he can instantly change from calm to angry, as shown when Mykage tried to dispose of her.


(See Relationships: Alicia)


He has powers that are almost similar to those used by Vega's element users. He proved to be a far stronger and more experienced pilot than his subordinates, making use of his personal machine Ahura Gnis to easily deflect all attacks used against it.


Picture 4

Izuma and sleeping Alicia.


Izumo and Alicia first met when Izumo's abductor crashed when he was sent to Vega to search for Rare Iguras. Alica tended to his wounds at the scene, and over time he quickly realised she was the rare igura he was searching for, and realised sooner that he had fallen in love with her. The preceded to have a life on Vega as Alica became an actress and skies of aquaria was released, at some point during this Alicia became pregnant with Amata.

Izumo had contemplated betraying Altair for Alicia, but Mykage saw through this and convinced him to bring Alicia back (who was willing to go if it would help Izumo). To prevent the effects of Altair's curse, Alica was held in stasis. Izumo would constantly think of Alica over the remainder of his life, even to the point of dropping his guard to rush to her aid. In his dying moments he (alongside Amata) reflected on his family's relationships, and joined Alicia's spirit as they died in encouraging Amata with their hopes.


Izumo is the father of Amata, and Alicia's Husband. Though he feels regret for having Alicia abondon him, he feels he cannot ask for forgiveness. After his death, his spirit approves and encourages him along with Alicia.

Towano Mykage

Izumo harbors a deep hatred for Towano Mykage. Mikage appears to have forced him to retrived the 1st rare igura, Alicia. Izumo instinctively does not trust him, believing him to only want ruin and despair.


  • Initially, Izumo is heavily implied to be the father of Amata Sora. This is supported for various reasons:
  1. In episode 18 he mentioned that "This is the Vega of my youth."
  2. He recognizes Amata upon contacting with him in Vega.
  3. He knows Amata's name in Episode 20 despite never hearing it previously.
  • It is later proven that he is, indeed Amata's father, and Alicia's husband.

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