Jean-Jerome Jorge
Kanji ジャン・ジェローム・ジョルジュ
Romanji Jan Jerōmu Joruju
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Blue-Gray
Personal Status
Race Human
Age 24
Professional Status
Affiliation DEAVA
Occupation Deputy Commander
Previous Occupation Commander
Base of Operations DEAVA HQ
First Appearance
Anime Debut Memories of Heavenly Wings
Japanese Voice Nobuo Tobita
English Voice Jason Liebrecht
DEAVA's second-in-command, Jean-Jerome is arrogant, pessimistic, quick to judge and somewhat pretentious - the opposite of Commander Fudou.


Jerome wears a white and blue striped collared coat with blue pants and white shoes. He has blue-gray colored hair, brown eyes, and wears orange-tinted glasses.


Jerome tends to not agree with or understand his actions and more than willing to see the Shadow Angels destroyed and humanity prospering in their defeat. At the end of the series, when Commander Fudou was missing, he heroically planned the operation to Atlandia, deciding to disobey to his order and help Apollo and his friends to save Silvia in Episode 23, Fleeting Wings.


  • He is fluent in 13 different languages