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This page is the list of Characters from the Aquarion EVOL sequel.


Main Characters
Amata Sora Mikono Suz Aquarion EVOL - 08 - 22 132789004867813123150 akueri18
Amata Sora Mikono Suzushiro Zessica Wong Kagura Demuri
Mykage2 Aquarion EVOL - 04 - Large 26
Towano Mykage Zen Fudo
Crea Dolosera 981942 Cayenne Suzushiro Andy W. Hole
Crea Dolosera Shrade Elan Cayenne Suzushiro Andy W. Hole
Malloy Direzza2 Mix2 Sazanka2 Yunoha Suroor
Malloy Direzza Mix Sazanka Bianca Yunoha Thrul
Donar Dantes Izumo Kamurogi Jin Muso Alicia1
Donar Dantes Izumo Kamurogi Jin Muso Alicia

Other Characters



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