Aquarion 001
Solar Aquarion, corresponds to Vector Sol as the head, Vector Luna as the wings and Vector Mars as the legs and lower torso. The unit specializes in melee combat and can manifest the Solar Wings.This ability gives it the power to increase its battle performance by ten and give it incredible strength. The only known element who pilots Aquarion solar most of the time is Apollo.


Mugen punch (Infinity)

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Solar Aquarion's signature move. This attack allows the arms to extend to the limits of infinity. When all three elements force their aura into Apollo's fist it allows the fist of Aquarion to extend thus creating a destructive impact. Aquarion's arm can extend to the the surface of the moon. Genesis Aquarion can drill through the earth and hold the earth from breaking.This attack has proven to be very useful in many situations.

Mugen Cross (Infinity)

In the anime Apollo and Sirius combined their elemental power into their fist and both used the infinity punch to destroy Moroha's Cherubim Iskuron. The right arm hits the left area and the left hits the right area. The attack is only used in episode 10 and previous use has not happen in the anime or in other media.

Aquarion Alpha

Corresponds to Vector Alpha as the head, Vector Delta as the back, and Vector Omega as the legs. It is the equivalent of the Solar Aquarion. It uses an enormous PSG Cannon on its right arm as its primary weapon and like the Solar Aquarion, it can deploy the "Solar Wings" on its back, but does not have the mystical effect of the original. Oddly enough, its head is shaped like the Aquarion Luna's and has a visor over its eyes. This configuration can transform into the Walker Formation without the need to separate the Vectors and reuniting. This form is only used by Glen when he is implanted with a feather.