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Toma Epanort
Name Toma Epanort
Kanji 聖天翅・頭翅(トーマ)


Romanji Shōtenshi Tōma Epanoruto
Race Shadow Angel
Age ~12,000 years (as of Aquarion)
Gender Male
Eyes Violet
Hair White
Unusual Features Feathers instead of hair, wings growing from his temples
Professional Status
Affiliation Shadow Angels
Occupation Frontline Commander
Partner Otoha
Previous Partner Apollonius
Base of Operations Atlandia
Personal Status
Relatives Mykage Towano (reincarnation)
Alias Exalted Angel
First Appearance
Anime Debut Genesis of Aquarion Episode 1
Japanese Voice Toshiyuki Morikawa
English Voice J. Michael Tatum

The main antagonist and Apollonius' onetime partner, after Apollonious fell in love with Celiane and defeated the Shadow Angels. Knowing Apollonius will be reincarnated in 12,000 years, Toma places himself in suspended animation and is awoken 12,000 years later. Even after so long, Toma could never forgive Apollonius for betraying their people, but hidden, even intimate feelings for him linger from within.

It can also be noted that while Johannes is the de facto leader of the Shadow Angels, it appears that the true leadership of the Shadow Angels revolves around Toma, as everyone refers to Toma before they do Johannes. His intentional plans are use the Aquarion's power to pollinate the Tree of Life, which has been kept sacred and concealed within Atlandia. However, in order to make it possible, he needs to make the Aquarion manifest its true power of the "Solar Wings", thus preparing the various ordeals and trials for DEAVA's Element Users, specifically Apollo, in order to make them stronger.

His appearance is marked by his flowing, though tattered, robes of navy blue, black and topaz, as well as his smooth-featured face and violet eyes. His most distinguishing feature is the long, platinum-white, wavy feathers growing from his scalp; it is from here than Toma's wings originate, rather than from his back or his sides, as with the other Shadow Angels. Sometimes he has been seen brandishing an ornately designed ceremonial sword.

Sirius, at once, had thought of himself as Solar Wing, ignorant of Toma's amusement. During the final confrontation over Atlandia, Toma revealed to Sirius that he possessed half the soul of Celiane, "the soul that remembered," saying that Silvia was "the soul that forgot." Though Sirius stated he had no recolection of remembering anything from Celiane's life, Toma amusedly revealed that it was Sirius' body that "chose" to forget, but his soul still remembers it all. He laughed at Sirius all the while, looking down on the prince for falsely priding himself as Solar Wing, suprising everyone by saying that the reincarnation of Apollonius wasn't Sirius or Apollo, but the Aquarion itself.

At the end of the battle, Toma reconciles his love for Apollonius, now the Aquarion, and takes the place of Reika as the pilot of the Vector Luna, while Sirius returns with the Vector Mars, in order to form Solar Aquarion one last time when the Tree of Life had been broken. He redeems his actions, as well as his hatred for Apollonius, by reviving the Tree of Life with the aid of Apollo and Sirius with the Aquarion, sacrificing himself in the process.

But to his horror, he found it was all for naught. Apollonius' soul did not reside in the Aquarion, but in Gen Fudou. Not only that, but Apollo was the reincarnation of the Shadow Angel Pollon, Apollonius' companion who followed him into exile. Shocked by this betrayal, Toma's death throes would give birth to to the first Shadow Angel in 12,000 years: Mykage Towano, the "Shadow of Love." When the world split in two, Mykage was trapped on Altair, and there he would wait another 12,000 years for the chance to commander the Aquarion and remake the world in his own image.


  • In the English dub, Toma's surname is incorrectly spelled "Epanolt." Epanort is derived from the word epanorthosis.

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