Yunoha Thrul
Yunoha Suroor
Kanji ユノハ・スルール
Romanji Yunoha Surūru
Gender Female
Height 143cm
Eyes Green/Blue
Hair Violet/Orange
Unusual Features Multicolored eyes and hair, always carries around a frog doll
Personal Status
Race Element/Human (Vegan)
Age 15
Relatives Yuno Kawazu (Reincarnation)
Professional Status
Affiliation Neo-DEAVA
Occupation Aquarion Pilot/Student
Previous Partner Jin Muso
Base of Operations Neo-Kowloon
First Appearance
Anime Debut Aquarion Evol Episode 7
Japanese Voice Yui Ogura
English Voice Luci Christian

Yunoha Thrul (ユノハ・スルール Yunoha Surūru?) is a very young but very shy female Element user.


Yunoha has a petite body, being younger than the other main elements. She has short hair, that is purple on the top and orange on the bottom ends. Her eyes are dark green.


Because of her shyness and power of invisibility, no one, boy or girl, in her class knew who she was, or that she was even human, before she piloted a Vector to form Aquarion. After the battle with Jin, she starts to show herself but still turns invisible when shy, and she also starts hanging out with Amata and the others. She likes Amata, shown when she bought a picture of Amata that was almost naked while in the vector but later falls in love with Jin.



Her Element ability turns her invisible which make her transparent to light, which can extend to Aquarion itself for brief moments at a time, but typically involves her turning herself invisible, while her toy frog-like cat doll remains visible. As a result, when she moves, it tends to seem as the doll is being levitated, confusing some people in the early episodes who do not see it move as to why a doll is being counted as an Element, and becoming the ghost in a school "legend" when they do. Her ability becomes the key in defeating Jin and his Radius Gnis, rendering his laser gun phasing through Aquarion.


Jin Muso

Due to Jin's status as a new student and his apparent shyness, Yunoha saw in him a kindred spirit, for she too was the same before. She would go on to befriend him. When Jin died in her arms after confessing his love for her, Yunoha began to withdraw from the world and was in danger of disappearing completely due to her element power. She regretted not leaving with him to go to Altair, figuring that it was her fault he died. Mikono later tried to convince her to keep on living, to the point of temporarily connecting Yunoha with Jin's departed spirit. Jin's last words to her were to keep on living for his sake, and the girl took those words to heart.

Mykage Towano

Mykage tried to sabotage Jin and Yunoha's friendship by subtly revealing Jin's true motives to her. However, this backfired and only deepened the two's friendship. Later, Mykage sent a mental projection to strangle Yunoha, but was banished by Jin's element power. Mykage tried again, and succeeded in killing Jin, sending Yunoha into a state of intense depression.


  • Yunoha has sung at least 2 songs throughout the Aquarion franchise, her first song is "Yunoha no Mori" or "Yunoha's Forest" which is the second ending of Aquarion EVOL. Whilst her second song wasn't really just her, She sung with Jin in a Variation of the song "Sousei no Aquarion" which you can hear at the end of Sousei no Aquarion EVOL, which is an OVA shown before the first episode of Aquarion Logos.